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SDS – Festín de la Carne (Entombed – Revel In Flesh) [Lyric Video]

Video animado con letras de la canción

Festín de la Carne (Revel In Flesh / Entombed «Left Hand Path»)
from «La Senda De La Muerte» Split with Panico Al Miedo

PANICO AL MIEDO – Desconéctame (Pull The Plug cover / Death «Leprosy»)…

Directed by David Provan at 12 Inch Media (

Copyright : War Anthem Records /
Camo Pants Records /…

Cd Release at January 25th, 2019 by War Anthem Records.
Cassette Release at March 1th, 2019 by Camo Pants Records.


Produced by: Sol de Sangre
Mixed by: Tomas Skogberg At Sunlight Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.
Mastered by: Dan Swanö At Unisound Studios, Finspång, Sweden.

Revel in Flesh from Left Hand Path
by Entombed, released June 4, 1990
Music by: Leif Cuzner / Nicke Andersson / Uffe Cederlund
Lyrics by: Alex Hellid / Nicke Andersson

War Anthem Records…

Camo Pants Records…

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